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About Me: I'm an award-winning writer, editor, and speaker specializing in cultural and political topics. I am the editor-in-chief of The New Individualist, the monthly magazine of politics and culture published by The Atlas Society. Previously, I worked as editor of Organization Trends and Foundation Watch, two monthly publications of the Capital Research Center, a watchdog of the nonprofit and philanthropic worlds. Before that, I served a six-year stint with The Objectivist Center (as The Atlas Society was then called) doing a multitude of tasks, and spent eight years as a Staff Writer for Reader's Digest.

I'm the author of two books and many high-profile investigative pieces on our criminal justice system, as well as numerous articles and lectures on the environmentalist philosophy and movement. My articles, essays, book and film reviews have appeared in a wide variety of publications. I'm also a frequent public speaker and talk show guest.

The Objectivist philosophy of rational individualism also shapes the perspectives you'll find on my anti-environmentalist Web site, ecoNOT.com and on my blog. My areas of intellectual interest include philosophy, politics, psychology, self-help, individualism, environmentalism and criminal justice. My personal areas of interest include writing (nonfiction and fiction), public speaking, film, art, music (playing guitar and singing), theater, working out, good food and wine. I'm married to a treasure of a woman (and a talented musician) named Cynthia, and we are the proud parents of a feisty and vocal advocate of individualism, a cat named Luna. We make our home on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay.

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August 4, 2005
The Non-Art of Objectivism
by Marcus Bachler
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There has been much criticism, on this website and elsewhere over the years, of the moralizing and cultish behaviour of Objectivists who digest and regurgitate Ayn Randís opinions and her philosophical pronouncements. I always believed that this dogmatic adherence to Objectivist doctrine was quite a recent phenomenon, probably encouraged by Ayn Rand herself and continued by her protege Peikoff. However, Iíve had to revise that opinion, because in The Art of Non-Fiction, I found exactly the same type of Objectivist cultish behaviour being criticized by Ayn Rand herself. (Read more...)
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