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A World of Our Own

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Amelie (2001)

Starring: Audrey Tautou, Mathieu Kassovitz
Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Okay, it's French. But despite that considerable drawback, this movie has a wonderful sense of life.

(Added by Barry Kayton on 2/28/2004, 7:32am)
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Rodney Rawlings: Music, Melody, and Songs - Composer Rodney Rawlings offers his insights on the nature and purpose of melody, as well as samples of his work and other compositions he considers representative of a rational approach. (Added by G. Stolyarov II on 3/12/2004, 9:55pm)

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Regina Ayn Weiler, 15 years old
Posted by Rodney Rawlings on 5/15/2004, 2:53pm
From the article: "When she was 8 or 9, Rocket checked 66 books out of Merritt Island Library in one visit. She said she read them within a week. Perhaps such precocity was destined for a girl named after philosopher and author Ayn Rand, known for her celebration of individuality."(Read more...)
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April 7, 2008
War for Men's Minds
"West of the Wall" -- May It Rise Again
by Rodney Rawlings
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The almost-forgotten 1962 record “West of the Wall” by Toni Fisher was intended by the songwriter as a denunciation of the barrier separating West from East Berlin and East Germany. Though it reached moderate success on some charts, there are indications that moral cowardice and ideological factors held the song back. (For example, the record’s performance in the United States was among the lowest, it did not make the charts at all in Britain, and a German release was halted.) The song is still relevant to our time, and deserves to be revived in whatever form possible.
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(Quotes) Every secret [Obama] learns will be sent directly to whoever provided all the illegal funding of his campaign and/or to his nation of citizenship. … How could you reasonably expect it to be other than that? … Let me be exquisitely clear about this. We are not talking about criminal proceedings in the sense of “innocent until proven guilty.” Many of us have worked on highly classified government projects for much of our careers. In that environment everyone is guilty until proven innocent. In particular you are denied all access to classified information until a comprehensive process is completed and the government has determined that you have passed the criteria. There is no provisional allowance while “the paperwork is catching up.” You are simply and completely ostracized until you are cleared. Period. Foreign contacts and “too much money” as indicated above are the biggest bugbears. In this clandestine world, they are bright flashing red lights. They indicate, among other things, that an extra level of background checks are imperative. … There is a news item today that BHO is supposed to start receiving his top secret security briefings as early as this week. God help us.
(Quotes) A man that represents not simply an opposing view but the view of those who oppose America and all it stands for, will sit in the Oval Office. Worse still he did not get there through a democratic election but through fraud, voter intimidation and every dirty trick culminating in a campaign that had little in common with conventional American politics and a great deal in common with the cults of personality cultivated by totalitarian dictators.
(Quotes) Governor Palin and I don’t agree on a lot of things, mostly social issues. But I have grown to appreciate the Governor. I was one of those initial skeptics and would laugh at the pictures. Not anymore. When someone takes on a corrupt political machine and a sitting governor, that is not done by someone with a low I.Q. or a moral core made of tissue paper. When someone fights her way to get scholarships and work her way through college even in a jagged line, that shows determination and humility you can’t learn from reading Reinhold Niebuhr. When a mother brings her son with special needs onto the national stage with love, honesty, and pride, that gives hope to families like mine as my older brother lives with a mental disability. And when someone can sit on a stage during the Sarah Palin rap on Saturday Night Live, put her hands in the air and watch someone in a moose costume get shot—that’s a sign of both humor and humanity.
(News) “Ayers and Obama are in regular contact,” says source close to Obama candidacy


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Quotes - Every secret [Obama] learns will be sent directly to whoever... - 8
   Thursday, November 6, 2008 - 5:20am -- It's reasonable. Thanks.

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