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Fred Seddon received his B. A. from the University of Pittsburgh and his Ph. D. from Duquesne University. He is an international scholar and the author of three books, including AYN RAND, OBJECTIVISTS AND THE HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY, and over 100 articles, book review and speeches covering all the major branches of philosophy. He has been president of the West Virginia Philosophical Society since 1988 and is an associate member of the Center for the Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh. He is the husband of Margaret, the father of Ayn Rand and Beethoven, and the grandfather of Emma, Tarika and Ravi. He currently holds adjunct professorships at three universities in South Western Pennsylvania. His other books are An Introduction to the Philosophical Works of F.S.C. Northrop and Aristotle and Lukasiewicz on the Principle of Contradiction. His email address is

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