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Building President-Elect Obama's Cabinet
Posted by Merlin Jetton on 11/25, 6:41am
The page has links to a three-part article. The page will likely change in the future, so the links for each part are given below along with some excerpts and my comments.

The picks Obama has made so far do not score very well.

Part 1:  Obama has already picked Timothy Geithner for Secretary of Treasury. Here is what the article says about him: "Equally bad would be Timothy Geithner, president of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, a perennial bail-outer who has been involved in the bailouts of Mexico, Indonesia, Korea, Brazil, and Thailand. No surprise then that he was an aggressive proponent of the current bailout - recommending that the Treasury inject direct liquidity into banks by buying preferred stock even before Paulson eventually did this, thus opening the door to all kinds of government meddling. The New York Times reports that Geithner, and his mentor Summers, are fond of quoting Mexican president Ernesto Zedillo, saying since markets overreact, policy makers must overreact too."

"Also, Obama should banish any thought to keeping Henry Paulson. His constant vacillating on how to use the massive amount of bailout money that he arm-twisted out of Congress demonstrates that he understands neither the underlying causes of the financial crisis - nor what to do about them."

Part 2: Obama has already selected Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State. Here is an excerpt about that: "The people whom Obama should avoid at all costs are former Clintonites Tony Lake, Susan Rice, Richard Holbrooke and - above all - Sen. Hillary Clinton."

Obama has already picked Eric Holder for Attorney General. Holder is classified as "bottom-of-the-barrel."

Part 3: Obama has already picked Tom Daschle for Health and Human Services. The article classified him as a poor pick.

Obama has already picked Bill Richardson for Secretary of Commerce. The article does not consider him for this spot. It classified him as a second-tier candidate for Secretary of State.

Obama has not yet picked anyone for Secretary of Energy. The article says Daniel Yergin would be the best candidate for this spot. I don't know if he is on Obama's list of candidates. Yergin is the author of The Prize, which is a great book about oil and won the Pulitzer Prize.
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