Rebirth of Reason

The first SOLO conference in the US was held in New York City.

Speakers and Speeches:

Ashley Frazier
Defiance of the Ordinary
It is spark that pushes man to think, to move forward, to achieve something in a world that glorifies the insignificant.

Lamont Lecturing Glenn Lamont
The Benefits of Benevolence
David Kelley's idea of benevolence - as outlined in "Unrugged Individualism" - is not only a major virtue, but also one of the most important if we choose to live in any kind of society.

Scott DeSalvo
Reparations or, No Rational End to the Inherently Irrational
An examination of the African Reparation Movement and other Reparationist movements, and a presentation and analysis of the philosophy underlying both it and the slavery for which such movements seek recompense.

Joseph Rowlands
Virtuous Living
An exploration of the Objectivist concept of virtues, and a new way of looking at them. It will also contain an introduction of the Active/Passive distinction.

New York Stock Exchange


Definitely a Bull Taking the Ferry If it ain't fun, it ain't worth it Lady Liberty Listening to Lamont
Ashley lecturing Glenn and Chris Morning Lectures Group with bull Group with bull
Empire State Building Glenn and Mary on the boat Paying Attention Ale House Opening Night
Ayn Rand Tattoo


"Just flew back to Chicago after a wonderful weekend at SOLO NY..." - Scott DeSalvo
"I can assure those who've sent their good wishes that the heroic sense of life...." - MJC
"I am pleasantly tired from a weekend of fun, friendship, and mental stimulation..." - Mary
"I found SOLOC NY to be a wonderful experience..." - Dante Skidmore
"I went to the SOLO conference in NYC with high hopes..." - Elizabeth Kanabe
"I was impressed by how quickly the SOLO NY conference was planned ..." - Ashley Frazier
"I was unable to travel to New Zealand for SOLO 1..." - Chris Matthew Sciabarra
"The SOLO conference in NYC was fantastic..." - Joseph Rowlands
"What an incredible weekend of inspiration, motivation and fun..." - Glenn Lamont
"Objectivism is very new to me..." - John Simmons
"I thought the four conference speakers at the inaugural SOLO USA ..." - Andre Zantonavitch