Rebirth of Reason

SOLOC 3 was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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Speakers and Speeches:

Lindsay Perigo speaks Lindsay Perigo
What Can We Be Thinking

Michael Newberry
Art: Discovering the Best Within Us

Ashley Frazier
Romantic Love and Objectivism

Joe Rowlands speaks Joe Rowlands
The Story of Your Life

Will Thomas Speaks Will Thomas
Model for a Thriving Movement

Jeff Landauer
Using the Web to Win the War

Elizabeth Kanabe
Activism Made Easy


Winding Down Tom and Linz Tom Paul Passionate Will Liz Explains

John Simmons Joe and Michael Dante, Logan, John, and Scott Ash and Dante Ash and Scott



Just got back from SOLOC3! Once again, it was like coming home attending the Conference. I just love being in the presence of those with whom I share a sense of life, sense of humor, and philosophy!

I finally got to meet Linz, whose motivating speech really helped focus me! For those who haven't met him, he is every bit as brilliant, charming and temperamental as advertised! And he didn't even beat me up about my profession or worshipping a false god (Mentzer). And yes, Linz, I really am a Mario Lanza fan!

Michael's presentation on art opened new perspectives for me on art appreciation. And am still aglow from having been the one to correctly answer his question regarding a bas relief at the Philadelphia Museum of Art ("its sticking out too much for the mid-ground!").

Ashley, as usual, had us mesmerized with her presentation on love, and with her bravery in sharing some private experiences. Maybe by next year she'll forgive me for acting like an old man and going to my room early on Friday night!

Joe, as usual, was brilliant in his expansion of his "life as a process" addition to Objectivism in a wonderful "The Story of Your Life" process that makes major life decisions approachable, step by simple, rational step!

Jeff Landauer gave the best news of the conference when he recounted the figures showing the mammoth-and-growing popularity of our internet flame of freedom, the SoloHQ site (http://www.solohq.com), and shared their plans for SOLOHQ2!

Finally, the radiant and captivating Elizabeth Kanabe shared her thoughts on activism, motivation, and the proper context for undertaking such endeavors ("Climb the mountain, but a step at a time!").

I was surprised and pleased that Will Thomas from TOC came to defend the artifically-limited role that TOC has chosen for itself, and was equally pleased that he was called on it, in a friendly sort of way. And had no answer, other than to reiterate that TOC had chosen its role (ivory tower).

It was great to actually sit down and speak with some of the fellows from local Objectivists chapters in Philly, who made it for some or most of the conference. And I really enjoyed starting to get to know the clever and self-assured Jeff Landauer and the profound and confident Logan Feys.

And here's to Philly, and her cheese-steaks, and her friendly population!

And, as last year--here are some conversation-starters.

1. Ask Ash about whether she has to jiggle her keys these days ...

2. According to the Liberty Museum wall art, Sharing, Caring and Empathy are more important than Liberty ...

3. Selling Objectivism through late-night TV infomercials ("but if you act within the next 30 mintues, you get the wonder-spatula!").

4. Are you too cool for school? Ask Ashley!

5. How long does it take Objectivists to figure out where to eat dinner? (If there are more than 2 or 3 of them, hours and hours...)

6. Atlas Shrugged, aka, the tatoo that wasn't.

7. How to silence a room full of Objectivists (here's a hint: Jellybellies. Lots of Jellybellies).

8. There is a Shiraz shortage on the East Coast ... Linz!

9. Startling admission of the conference--Scott is indeed a total wuss.

All in all, it was a fantastic, high-energy but low-key conference where everyone was welcome, new acquaintances shook hands like old friends, great minds shared the fruits of their endeavors, and disagreements were met with passion, benevolence, and good humor! For those of you who did not make it, promise yourself that you will treat your heart and mind to the next Solo Conference, wherever it may be held. The first round is on me!

Scott DeSalvo


What can I say after returning from SOLOC 3 in Philly? That it must have been magical considering how tired I was going into the weekend and how energized I was when I returned! The SOLO folks are truly inspirational to be around and I wish I got to see more of everyone! The laughter was genuine, the relaxation earned, and the conversation second to none! Nowhere else can I get the same feeling of friendship, admiration and intellectual conversation and passion that I do when I attend a SOLO conference. If only every day could be like that!

We learned, we laughed, we made memories and we gained strength and motivation. Everyone left with a little extra spring in their step, and I look forward to the next time we can all meet, and hopefully add more new faces to the group!

Elizabeth Kanabe


Once again, I had a wonderful time at the SOLO Conference. Thank you to everyone who helped organize this memorable weekend. The speeches were great, as always, full of ideas that will be of great benefit to me. From the first words of Lindsay's opening speech, I was so glad I had made the choice to attend. I had been looking forward to hearing Joe, Ashley and Elizabeth again, and their speeches made a great impression on me, once again. It was interesting also to hear from Will Thomas from TOC, and hear the comments generated by his words. I also enjoyed hearing and meeting Michael Newberry and Jeff Landauer. Beyond the memorable excellence of the speeches, getting to know this remarkable group of people was a great and very enjoyable experience. Even got to see Lindsay in action, running away from the headbanging caterwauling! Thanks to everyone who came. It was good to see the enthusiasm and sense of life of all in attendance. It really left me happy, invigorated and looking forward to doing it again. Soon!

John Simmons