Rebirth of Reason

Current Objectivist Projects

One of the goals of Rebirth of Reason, is to promote Objectivism in an attempt to positively impact the culture. To this end, we've added a section to this site dedicated to current Objectivist projects. The idea is to give a hand to those people working to further these goals. This site will offer a chance to promote projects, and to solicit voluntary help.

This site can offer a forum to discuss project with other Objectivists. It can serve as a place to get together for collaboration. It can be used to gather feedback and useful advice, or to convince others to help in the development of the project. It can be used to find financial partners, programming assistance, editing of documents, intellectual aid, etc. This site doesn't guarantee help in any of these areas, but you're encouraged to make your case to its readers.

If you have a project you are working on, or would like to attempt, please contact the administrator of this site. To change the culture and win the war of ideas, we need people to be active. This page is dedicated to that goal.

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