Rebirth of Reason

Mission Statement

Welcome to Rebirth of Reason. This site is our next shot fired in the war for freedom and rationality. Its purpose is to create a strong and prominent position for SOLO on the internet. The site is presented as a rallying point for Objectivists, and the voice of SOLOists. We aim to be your portal to rationally passionate Objectivism on the web.

One goal of this site is to act as a web-portal to Objectivism. It will provide dynamic content, so that people can get their daily dose of reason and thought-provoking ideas. It will have regular new articles. It will link to external articles of interest. It will have links to other Objectivist sites, forming a large Objectivist Web Directory. You can see these features on the front page.

Another goal of this site is to act as the official website for SOLO. To this end, it will promote SOLO articles, conferences, and other projects. It will contain up to date information about the Free Radical, including links to some of its highlights. It will contain pictures and descriptions of some of the many SOLO members and other contributors, with archives of their articles. It will contain the SOLO Credo, which explains the purpose of SOLO, and our driving motivation.

The site will also be used to organize. It will aim to teach those who still have questions about Objectivism. It will provide promotion and organizational help for projects that promote Objectivism in the culture. It will seek to bring like-minded people together in the spirit of cooperation, to increase our effectiveness and our scope in our effort to improve the culture.

Joseph Rowlands