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I am currently a student at the University of Georgia in beautiful Athens, Georgia.  I am majoring in political science as a pre-law student with a minor in German (deshalb ich dich wohl verstehen könnte).  I am 20 years old, and ever spiteful of the drinking age imposed by "daddy government."

I am a solid Libertarian, but do not lump me into the group of misguided deviant Anarchists who call themselves Libertarian. 

I am currently undergoing a struggle to understand the world and the complicated mass of laws, politics, morals, ethics, and religion and how they should all fit together (or be separated apart) so that the world will function in the way it best can.  Simultaneously, however, I strive to find my place in what will surely always be a less-than-perfect world, as the reasoned and finely honed philosophy behind Objectivism will unfortunately ever be beyond the grasp of certain unenlightened, unconcerned, or ill-fated individuals and masses.  I will be challenged day in and day out by other intellectuals who have a pre-constructed (and usually borrowed) set of ideas and arguments, and it will be through Objectivism that I will be able to, as Jefferson said, "stand like a rock" in matters of principle.

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