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As I use the "Useless" Macintosh operating system because I am not a computer geek bear with me and I use Safari as Internet explorer is no longer supported my Microsoft for the Macintosh so be damned with your non internet standard browser requirements.40 something carpenter, and "semi-professional gadfly". I have found very few life view points that are similar to mine, but objectivism has come the closest. Although there does seem to be an underlying dogmaticism to some objectivists. And while I agree with the basic tenents of objectivism I do not always agree with the conclusions reached by it's practitioners. I have always asked questions and demanded answers that made sense, hence I knew Santa Clause was a fake at the age 3 when sitting on his knee at the store and seeing the beard had threads and wasn't attached to his face. It sometimes seems that Objectivists only like classical music and enjoy only bland super realistic painting and sculpture. Many seem to be afraid to work with others to accomplish something for fear of being called a communist. I hope to find something different here I have always enjoyed mythology and religious stories, not for their literal interpretations but for their ability to reveal something of what man has come from. Prometheus, Odin, and the serpent of the old testament are models of real human behavior. Knowledge seeking has always been the hallmark of mankind, but as the stories that go with the mythical figures reveal there are consequences both socially from the ignorant and fearful, as well the laws of nature and existence itself. I see this today from both sides of the "Animal Rights". I agree with the Objectivists that animals do not have "rights" as we would ascribe to a man, however too many think that laying waste to a species or whole ecosystem because "we own it" or we can. I think neither can be the correct course as polluting the water of your neighbors so you can make a profit is as bad as saying that technology is evil and suspending or stopping the advancement of knowledge. I am quite surprised to see that the Objectivists as a whole seem to Identify with Conservative republicans and see the demagoguery of Fox News and O'Riley a gossip columnist, former public school teacher that thinks the world is less than 10,000 years old and that Biblical Creationism should be taught as a valid scientific concept as somehow exemplary or Objectivism. Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing. Their values may be farther from yours than your common liberal enemies are.


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