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I am a 67-year-old male of African ancestry who lives in America. I fancy myself a libertarian, have been since the early 1960s. I was deeply influenced by Ayn Rand, Fyodor Dostovieski, and 13th-century BC Egyptian Phaoroah Akhenaten. In the early days of the internet, I once tried to start my own country, Libertaria, on the internet. I tried to get a few African and South and Central American countries to sell me 100 square miles of land to build Libertaria, but no one was interested. At first I attributed it to racism, but I have since come to realize it was a bad idea to begin with. I am now retired and about the only thing that riles me these days is the smug complacency of those who think that America is the freest country on earth. It is not! I believe that, as long as you have a Congress and a President that solely protect the rights of the government, and not the people, you do not have a free country. You simply have a country governed by an oligarchy of politicians who do nothing more than protect the status quo.


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