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I'm an instructional designer and entrepreneur based in Cape Town, South Africa. I've designed business simulation, planning, and assessment courses for entrepreneurs, a seminar called "Intensive Questioning" to develop critical and creative thinking in corporate managers, and a range of interactive educational courses in entrepreneurship for children, which are being used in schools throughout South Africa. These can be viewed at: http://www.entrepreneurship.co.za I'm currently applying instructional design principles to the development of "Discover Freoland", an activity book for preteens that explores the underpinnings of a free society. See: http://www.freoland.com

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June 22, 2004
Sense of Life
Capitalism Soaring Into The Heavens
by Jeff Landauer
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Itís Sunday, 10:01 PM. My friend Phil and I stop at the grocery store 2 blocks from his house in Santa Clara, CA to buy 2 cases of Mountain Dew. We will need the caffeine.

Six and a half hours of crazy night driving south through the central valley and up into the high desert North-East of Los Angeles, and we arrive at the Mojave, CA airport, in just one of thousands of cars arriving. The highway is already getting significantly backed up as the cars try to get into the two lane entrance. Itís 4:30 AM on Monday, June 21, date of the launch of the first civilian spacecraft. (Read more...)

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