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Hi, I'm Robert, and I look forward to meeting you. If something about my profile interests you, don't hesitate to drop me a line. I love meeting new people and making new friends.

I have many interests but my values are what really define me. Iím into reason, optimism, honesty, communication, passion.

Though I do disagree with her on a few (minor) things, I greatly admire and am inspired by Ayn Rand and consider myself an Objectivist. I consider every individual as an end in themselves and that they should not be forced to be the means to any other individual's ends. This means that I am against the initiation of force by the state and/or the citizen for any reason (including those that are supposed to be for the "greater good"). I'm still not completely convinced which political system would be best, and whether a state can actually exist without violating individual rights to a (possibly small) degree. I think both sides have very good arguments, but in the end the deciding factor will always remain the same for me: individual rights.

Because I feel so certain of and am so passionate about my values (and love to discuss ideas) I can come off as an intense person. But I'm also very warm and friendly.

I seek to be fair to all people and interact with them based only on their values and actions rather than race, gender, age, nationality or any other superficial classifier.

Because of this I am a very unconventional/non-traditional type of person in many ways, but it is all in favor of a rational and benevolent social lifestyle.

I like being "chivalrous" but I don't think it's bound to gender. I try to be just as courteous to men as women.

To me, this doesn't mean a decrease in the way one would treat women, but an increase in the way one would treat men.

I acknowledge the physical/biological differences between men and women but I don't think that makes one gender more or less deserving of courtesy than the other (this includes courtesy in dating).

If people enjoy having gender roles in their personal relationships they have every right to, but I don't like it when people expect others to follow suit or think of their preferences as the only or most moral choice.

This is something that both intrigues and motivates me. I've started writing a book about this and other commonly held but unknown prejudices (such as racism and ageism) and inequalities (such as the unassailability of faith) in social interaction.

Some other things about me?

Other than my philosophy and my values, the thing I am most passionate about is acting. I acted quite a lot in high school and really enjoyed it. But after that (except for a few plays in college or community theater) I haven't done much. And I think the reason was my general sense of life. Until recently I was an introverted and really insecure person. I also had a big fear of failure and lack of motivation and direction.

But the more I began to examine my sense of life and read into philosophy (and the effect that it has on our lives and the world), the more I realized who and what I wanted to be and began recalibrating myself to that. Recently I decided that acting is still my passion and that I'm going for it. I am now seeking out auditions.

I have also become more interested in the general subject of philosophy and have decided that I want to write/talk about the ideas that I agree with in order to promote them. In order to do that, philosophy has become the focus of my education (on my own and in college - where I will get a degree in philosophy).

Within the last year the desire to travel has grown in me. I want to see the world.

Alright, your turn.

Thanks for checking out my profile, Iíll look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,



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