Rebirth of Reason

William Conly

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Hello to anyone taking the time to read about me. In all sincerity there is not much to know. I am not a scholar, at least by what can be commonly define as one to be, yet I hope I have acquired a little wisdom in that so very short time span I can remember of my existence here on this Earth. If I have, I hope it brings some measure of satisfaction to you as you ponder some of the things you do that brought you here as I will offer my my thoughts on what you impart. (if I can understand the words you use and they are complimentary with those that I use. Sometimes that can be rather difficult, I know.) I have lived a life of unlonely solitude for the past couple of years for I have been restricted from traveling as much a I once did, which was quiet extensively for it is how I paid my way, meeting new people and offering them assistance in any way I could. something I find immeasurably rewarding and that is where I received my education, from real people in all walks of life. I have seen and experienced some of the good, the bad and the ugly of what this reality offers and have come to the conclusion we could surely use a better one. You see, that is what wisdom is; in order to truly know and appreciate the warmth and the goodness of the sun, you have to experience and learn from the storms that come in it's absence. I hope we can both learn from each other, for I feel that is the most important paradigm in the universe as we share with each other in such a way we all can benefit. This is not a prayer nor has it to do with religion as I say to you all may God be with you, for that is the way it was meant to be. We are all in this thing we call life together as I hope one day many will learn this Earth is not for sale, to be owned by none, but shared by all who call it home. William

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