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Troi Torain is a multimedia personality whose career has spanned the arenas of radio, television, publishing and the worldwide web. As a self-made man, Torain’s extensive knowledge of business and philosophy inspires fresh minds to develop the foresight needed for the roads that lie ahead. Considered a radio pioneer, Torain’s personal brand Star & Buc Wild has set precedents in the urban landscape and was recently inducted into News One’s “Top 20 Black Radio Jockeys Of All Time. As one of the industry’s leading social engineers, Torain delivers unique perspectives wrapped in charismatic wit that punctuates today’s Hip-Hop generation. Torain made the national stage on MTV but it was his radio show on New York’s Hot 97 that secured his place in media history. Acute observations between sexes, races and classes are at the fore of Torain’s much-renowned drive and commentary. His “style of no style” makes him appear to be like any man and yet like no other man that you know. Troi Torain’s resume includes WEA retail rep, Virgin Records, The Source magazine, MTV Networks, Hot 97 (NYC), Power 104.1 (Hartford), Power 105.1 (syndicated), Hip-Hop Weekly magazine, Vladtv and 100.3 The Beat (Philly).

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