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Being charged with a criminal case can be a stressful ordeal. No matter the weight of one’s charge, you will need a criminal defense lawyer to stand up for you in court. The skills and experience of the representing lawyer is a great factor in the outcome of the case. With this, it is important to find a well experienced and skilled attorney in the field. With the state law that governs different state, a criminal lawyer has to have the adequate and intimate knowledge of how the law works, especially, since state law differs within states. To be able to successfully have a career in criminal representation, one must be familiar in how the laws are implemented. With this knowledge in hand, a criminal lawyer can build a strategy and strong defense plan for his client which may mean settling with a best plea agreement or a court trial. Attorney Kush Arora, prefers a detailed oriented and a personal approach to his cases: keeping his clients informed and with the least pressure possible. He had experienced being a Maryland reckless driving lawyer and a Maryland sex offense lawyer. Kush Arora works as a Criminal Defense attorney in a well known and acclaimed law firm Price Benowitz LLP, with the focus on Circuit Courts and Maryland. A graduate of Columbus School of Law of The Catholic University of America last 2005, he was an active participant in the D.C. Law students Court Program and the Moot Society. Also, he served as one of the officers on the South Bar Association. Subsequently, he became the Assistant Public Defender in the County of Montgomery in Maryland wherein he dealt with various criminal cases, ranging from misdemeanor offenses even up to serious felonies and represented clients in court. More information about him can be found in http://www.maryland-criminallawyer.com.

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