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Sandy Bay Apartments is situated in Norfolk, VA and also serving other areas for a variety of options. It is a fully furnished apartment suitable for short term and long term stay for both guests and travelers. Owned by Gil Baxter, this place had been a home for a lot of people who visited the area and many find it as the best alternative for hotel living. It also includes necessary amenities that offer more comfort to the guests who choose to stay for longs days or even months. All these things are typically included in the services provided by the apartment and the best thing about this is that they are all part of the rental price. The place is also fully secured and it has a direct access to beaches where you can enjoy water sports and other interesting beach experience. Discover what experienced you will have in staying at Sanday Bay Apartments. Check them out at http://www.sandybayapartments.com and find out more.
Twitter: @Sandybayapt
Facebook: Sandy Bay Apartments Facebook Page

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