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I read ATLAS SHRUGGED in late 1966 when I was in the United States Air Force and stationed near Seville Spain. It was given to me by an airman named Robert Gifford, who was from Cheyenne Wyoming (John Galt line). Since then, I have read it 24 more times as well as having read virtually all of her books multiple times, especially her fiction books. In 1968 I was down in NYC for about 8 months or so and I attended some of the lectures given by Nathaniel Branden at NBI. That year was 1968 when Nathaniel Branden and Ayn Rand had their EXPLOSIVE BREAKUP. I value both of their creative works and understand what happened between them. I did not meet Ayn Rand, but did see her at a distance one time when I was at NBI, which was at that time in the Empire State Building. When I met Nathaniel Branden, I asked him if it was possible for a weak non-creative (I didn't word it that way but referred to characters from the Fountainhead.) person to change into a person like the heroes of Ayn's major novels. He replied, "It would be very, very difficult." In 1991 at a lecture at the Jewish Community Center in Rochester, New York, I met Nathaniel again when he was giving a lecture on his book entitled, "The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem." I asked him the same question and he gave me the same answer. NOW, I FINALLY am like those heroic characters and I would hope that there are some people who would like to understand how I made such a dramatic leap in my personality, character and abilities. I changed my name several times to fit my calling. The first change was from SLE to David Jefferson Frisko and the second legal change was to David Frisko Teacher and I LOVE to be called "Frisko" because THAT character (Frisco d'Anconia) is the one that I most identify with. While Ayn term his dominant trait as being gaiety, I would characterize it as having been exuberance. I identify with St. Thomas Aquinas, who according to Ayn Rand in her essay in "For the New Intellectual", was a major factor in bring us (humanity) out of that dark age. I feel compelled to do likewise. Ayn Rand is to me what Aristotle was to Ayn Rand. And, Ayn Rand is to me, what Victor Hugo was to her. I hope I am clear. Questions are welcome. Yours truly, David Frisko Teacher : - ) )

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