Rebirth of Reason

Steven Young

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Photography was his best interest during his teenage years. He loves to capture different artistic things like those moonshine whiskey still for sale in their place. The rarer the material is, the more it gives him the interest. But he never ended up as a photographer. Maybe because that is not his destiny and he belongs to other field - to become a writer in profession. But he realized that everything really has a reason, and that reason will always justify what had happened because now, he is happy living as a writer. He enjoys sharing different knowledge with his readers. He found happiness in this work because he knows that he helps other people with his own simple way. Aside from photography and writing, he loves to travel too. Maybe it is because of his interests in capturing different things that is why he enjoys visiting various places. He may not end up to the place he wanted ever since, but he is very grateful because he is in the place where he I destined to be.

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