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A video for Jewish Evangelism

Israel Media MinistriesDigital media like internet can be used to broadcast information to many places within the world. The Great commission in Israel is a project of Israel Media Ministries concerning the Great commission of Jesus. It can be used to inspire the people wordlwide to inform others to bring the gospel back to Israel.

Current Evangelism News Section

Israel Media Ministries aims to offer latest news about Jewish evangelism in Israel and worldwide. Here's an excerpt from a news:

People's idea of saving the earth is also God's idea

A third of global food production is either wasted or lost. This really is one from the startling details the UN-sponsored World Environment Day on June 5th seeks to create to the attention. Apparently, every year 1.3 billion tonnes of food would go to waste inside a world where one in eight people retire for the night hungry. Christians have not been excellent at fitting environment concerns into our thinking. In connection with this, the growing Eco-friendly movement presents a serious issue with its emphasis on sustainable farming, green house gases, global warming, deforestation, pollution and so on. It begs the issue: was Jesus an environmentalist? He may not appear so from present day meaning of the word, but he did use frequent illustrations concerning food, agriculture and character. He seemed to be clearly under no illusions regarding his thought of human avarice and exploitation of the world's assets for selfish finishes. The roots of environment and environmental pollution lie in humankind's damaged relationship with God. However the frequently-neglected dimension of God's salvation message within the Bible is the fact that God's intention is not to save people he really wants to save creation. He'll one day produce a new paradise along with a new earth to revive the world towards the condition he initially intended. Salvation is ultimately likely to embrace all character. It is not simply concerning how to escape earth and "bag a location in paradise". Understanding these facts should give us another slant on environment issues. On the one hands, we're not to become disconnected from God's produced world, thinking about it to become of no importance or relevance in God's economy. On another hands, neither don't let fall under the trap to become besotted using the atmosphere towards the extent that saving the rhino in Africa, or reducing our carbon footprint becomes virtually a militant religion on its own. The best balance within our stewardship entails worshipping the Creator, not the produced. Personally, I share many from the concerns expressed by environment pressure groups. My African background fuels my deep concern that poachers are eliminating all of the rhinos in Africa in crude fashion to be able to feed a lucrative exchange rhino horn. Such inexcusable destruction and savagery is, to quote Bishop James Johnson, not merely a crime against humanity, but it is really a blasphemy because it undoes the creative work of God in Christ. It is that this recognition that mainly inspires Christian environment concern - that we're accountable to God, instead of basically the reason for self-upkeep. It is not Mother Earth who must be appeased, but it is Father God whose Creation and redemptive reasons for humanity and character have to be respected and taken care of immediately with appropriate faith and stewardship. We treat the atmosphere not only based on what we should believe about it, but additionally based on what we should believe about our Creator God. With this perspective, the great thought for that Christian is the fact that, one day, we and all sorts of creation is going to be restored to God's original perfection.

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