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Have Mind Will Travel. FreeEach. University of You. Linkage for Life. My domain names hint at who I am. Continuing to integrate Many Me’s, I have “Sourced” myself and now am ready, able and willing to be a “Resource” for other Sources. I have lived and worked in China for the last ten years (currently in Beijing) as a consultant for organizational and personal development and a teacher at universities. I have had a number of different life orientations (aka personalities or incarnations) and a number of careers (or one long “careen”). I have experience in: creating, owning and managing businesses, including designing and building houses, inventing a modular building system using hyperbolic paraboloid thin shells, and manufacturing women's clothing designed by my wife; inventing and entrepreneurial activity, including obtaining patents and bringing new products to the market; writing poetry and prose and doing photography including making my own prints; adult community education and life-long learning; general market research; singles and opposite-sex relationship counselling; starting up and managing a business that brought male/female singles together for marriage; palliative care and older persons advocacy; group facilitation and community mentoring; research in mental and public health; researching, creating, and delivering psycho-education courses for singles and couples for a non-profit organization; teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language; creating and delivering new university courses using meta-learning strategies and the Internet; and researching and lecturing on cognitive differences between the East and the West. I have participated in a number of different psychological, spiritual and physical therapies or programs (Gestalt, Arica, etc.). I have cared for terminal cancer patients (I have nursed two wives to their deaths from cancer) and have experience with conventional and alternative cancer treatments. I have worked with people who wish to be free of spiritual or religious cults. I have counselled and taught those involved in relationship difficulties, career transitions, loss and grief, and self-development. I am an avid learner and mainly self-taught. I am widely read in many fields. I consider myself a philosopher and a poet. I have published both prose and poetry. A few of my main mentors: Ludwig von Mises, Eric Hoffer, Salvatore Quasimodo, Eugenio Montale, Antonio Porchia, Ayn Rand, Plato, Irving Singer, George Santayana, Octavio Paz, Han Suyin, Nathaniel Brandon, Aristotle, Epicurus, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, Edgar Lee Masters, Albert Camus, Baltasar Gracian, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Confucius, Mencius, Hsun Tze, Philip Rieff, Weston LaBarre, Max Stirner, Thomas Sowell, Ernest Gellner, Charles M. Fair, James Wright, Antonio Machado, Yannis Ritsos, Erich Fromm, Eloise and Abelard (their love letters), Rainer Marie Rilke, Czeslaw Milosz, Anna Akhmatova, Murray N. Rothbard, F.A. Hayek, James J. Lynch, Oswald Spengler, Ernest Klein (his etymological masterpiece), Du Fu, Li Bai, Wang Wei, the I Ching, the Neo-Confucians, Sherwood Anderson, E.A. Overstreet, Thomas Szasz, and a few other hundred or so. I value consistently applied reason, acknowledged feelings, earned respect, self-and-other responsibility, moral integrity, passion, courage, commitment, competency, beauty, wisdom, serenity, elegance, autonomy, truthfulness, science, technology, Western and Eastern classics in all areas of human endeavor, the complementary of sexual and other opposites and Aristotelian logic, making mistakes and meaning, atheism, the free market, trustworthiness and love. Physically: 5' 9'(175cm), 155lbs/70 kgs, a trim, muscular body and youthful face a decade younger than my age through regular exercise and keen genes. Emotionally: Above average EQ. As Mark says in the novel A Many-Splendoured Thing by Han Suyin: "The only tragedy in the world is never having loved." I agree; I am no longer tragic. I have learned to value and be responsible for intimate relationships. Intellectually: Above average IQ. Skeptic, atheist, humanist, anarcho-libertarian (as Selyes wrote: egotistic altruist), rational thinker, valuer of objective truth via the scientific method. I am avowedly against postmodern sophism, left wing collectivism, and misanthropic Greenies & Goreies, so rampant in Western academia/media where too often learned ignorance leads to earned helplessness. Lifestyle: I have been constantly reading in ideas and writing prose and poetry since my early 20s for my own self-motivated ends and practice at the art of learning and loving. I value the creation of responsible character oriented beyond convention to beauty, elegance, and passion without stuffy formalities, conspicuous consumer-driven show of wealth/status, or infantile bohemianism. Oh, and least I forget, I can, with Steve Martin's help, be a wild and crazy guy with a can of opened tuna fish behind each ear, and able to get down on all fours and play with the kids (but refuse along with Voltaire to pet or feed Rousseau!).

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