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I am kalvin Micheal A recommendation that is kept up by contention. An exposition propelling a unique perspective because of research, particularly as a prerequisite for a scholarly degree. A theoretical recommendation, particularly one set forth without confirmation. The main phase of the Hegelian logic process. The long or emphasized piece of a metrical foot, particularly in quantitative verse. The unaccented or short piece of a metrical foot, particularly in accentual verse. Music. The highlighted segment of a measure. [Latin, from Greek, from tithenai, to put. Faculties 5 and 6, Middle English, from Late Latin, speaking with a softer tone, from Greek, downbeat, from tithenai.] Abstract Dictionary: proposition a contention or recommendation, which might be restricted by a direct opposite; or an insightful paper safeguarding some suggestion, as a rule a thesis submitted for a scholarly degree. The postulation of an artistic work is its conceptual doctrinal substance, that is, a suggestion for which it contends Punctuation Dictionary: theory The focal thought in a bit of composing, in some cases contained in a subject sentence. Verse Glossary: Thesis dissertation help uk The initial segment of a contradictory metaphor; likewise, the unaccented or shorter piece of a beautiful foot. To sum things up: An exposition or treatise on a specific subject.

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