Rebirth of Reason

Matthew T Zingarella

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I believe it was my second year of high school when I first picked up a copy of Atlas Shrugged. Being raised Catholic and having fairly strong religious beliefs at the time...I threw it down immediately when I found my pre-held moral ideas! Thankfully I gained some intellectual integrity somewhere along the course of growing up and decided to give it another shot a couple years later. No author has ever laid out ideas more clearly, precisely and in a way that forced me to challenge and ultimately reject my previously held beliefs than Ayn Rand. The ideas that she presented in her work and the dissection and expansion of them in the works of Dr.Peikoff, the Atlas Society, The Objective Standard/Craig Biddle, and the discussions in forums like these have added tremendous value and clarity to my life. I'm currently finishing up the last year of a five year contract in the Marine Corps where I work in a brig (prison). I am a falconer and an avid outdoorsman that seeks to continue my education and ultimately start a career in veterinary medicine.

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