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Hello everyone, my name is Ruth Palumbo, I am a fitness instructor for the last 10 years. I love sports and everything connected with it. My husband says that if I had a choice of sport or he, I would have chosen the sport without thinking, but of course he was joking :) In fact, more than the shaping that I teach, I love my husband and 20 year old son - these are the men of my life. I also like to learn new trends in proper nutrition. Since I constantly work with girls and women of different weight categories, they constantly ask me how to lose weight or gain muscle mass and I always find what to answer them. But besides the above, I still have many interests, ranging from Latin American dances (I have been dancing since childhood), ending with writing articles for various blogs, magazines, etc. I studied at the Loyola University in Chicago as a 2 nd year teacher, but then I realized that even though I love children very much, I still donít like teaching children so much as adults. And just at the time when I quit college, I discovered in myself a passion for sports and body care. I also love blogging and I want to share interesting and informative articles with you, for example http://resumecoverscv.classtell.com/ this is an article on how to write a resume and it will be very useful for those who are currently looking for work or simply do not know how beautifully and correctly to issue their resume.

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