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Persuasive Essay Graphic Organizer Persuasive essays are a true test of one’s research paper writing service competency and also serve as a testimony to one’s skills of writing; however writing a persuasive essay as well as dissertation writing can be quite a daunting task if one is doing it for the first time, at such times a persuasive essay graphic organizer can be of great assistance. The main purpose of using a graphic organizer is to help the writer sort out relevant thoughts into complete sentences and write the paper based on the structure of the organizer. Once the structure of a persuasive essay is in place, it becomes very simple to fill relevant explanations and facts, referring to the graphic organizer for quotes and statistics also assists the person writing the essay to deal with blocks in writing. It is true that a graphic organizer makes writing a persuasive piece very simple, the main reason is that whatever a person sees as a visual representation is comprehended better than a set of ideas expressed in words. The topic of a persuasive essay is placed in the centre of the graphic representation. There are several ways in which one can draw up an organizer. Here are a few options to structure the same: Star diagrams or spider and fishbone diagrams Cloud diagrams or tree diagrams Chain or continuum Cycle, clock or flowchart organizers Venn diagrams Pie chart, Chart matrix and so on The basic function of the organizer is to give the person writing the essay a bird’s eye view of the essay’s structure and provide the framework of writing in a visual format. A persuasive essay graphic organizer helps a person to formulate the persuasive arguments of an essay by referring to the framework as the essay writing is in progress.

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