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Maria May Lake

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SAGITTARIUS Dates: November 22 – December 21, 2010 element: fire energetic: restless color: dark purple, indigo flower: dandelion gemstone: obsidian part of the body: thighs, hips, long muscles symbol: the archer big idea: poised for flight optimistic, expansive, generous, philosophical, broadminded, enthusiastic, inspiring, visionary, adventurous, versatile, experienced, congenial, intellectual, open-minded, confident, cheerful, seeker, freedom loving, gregarious, high-spirited, storyteller, entertainer, extrovert, outspoken, on the go, positive thinker, maverick, social butterfly, shape shifter, multi-tasker, diplomatic, practical joker, and more fun than a barrel of monkeys superficial, frivolous, restless, irresponsible, lip service, promiscuous, self-indulgent, charlatan, cynical, procrastinator, blunt, liar, opinionated, unable to commit, deceptive, poised for flight, playboy, disdain for routine, escapist, reckless, tactless, argumentative, untrustworthy, unreliable, contentious, sarcastic, careless, seductive, big talker, flirt, exaggerates, arrives late, misleads, gossip, indiscrete, indiscriminate, braggart astrology When I lived in the Pacific Northwest I encountered a lot of people who piled old wall-to-wall carpets on top of their lawn or garden. It took me a while to figure out that this was their dandelion abatement strategy. Trying to get rid of them by mowing or yanking them out of the ground didn’t work, my neighbors told me, it only made them grow back faster and denser. At the time it was raining every day. What more could dandelions want than steady rain. While I was thinking about all this, I happened to be driving on a stretch of road where dandelions had won the war. Bright yellow flowers were coming up everywhere right through fields of carpets. In no time their puffy blooms would be on the move. (The puffy bIooms are known officially as “parachute balls.”)

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