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Excellent Expository Essay Prompts

Expository essay prompts are truly invaluable. Although you might think of them as something you only have to deal with in grammar school, middle school and, to a slightly lesser extent, high school, they will actually help you throughout the entirety of your academic career. They are especially helpful when it comes to term papers. The reason these types of prompts are so helpful is because, at its heart, every paper you ever write will be an expository. In order to understand why, we need to first discuss what an expository essay is supposed to encompass. After that, we will take a look at some examples from the " help me with my homework " service which can help you write a good, strong expository paper, even if it is just for practice.
Also you can have a look at good sample essays.
Naturally, the purpose behind expository essay prompts is to teach you how to write an expository essay. As it happens, they are also helpful when it comes to teaching you how to write an expository term paper as well. Now then, the purpose behind an expository essay is to explain something to your readers. You have to provide a wealth of information in order to explain or somehow define the subject at hand. In order to do that, you have to develop your core idea, along with any pertinent facts and/or statistical information. Expository writing also frequently involves discussing cause and effect relationships and/or examples. The most important thing to remember is that all expository papers are factual – they revolve around facts. As such, they should really be written in an objective way, without any bias. To put it a bit more coldly, the tone in which you write should not contain emotion. Moreover, expository papers are almost always written in third person.
Expository essays also have their own very specific and distinct format. The thesis statement is presented in the introduction. It must be a narrow enough research paper topic that it can be supported within the paper. This is why, when writing a term paper of this type, it often takes its own defined form: that of the five paragraph term paper. Anyway, all of the supporting paragraphs have to have a clearly defined, distinct, and well controlled subject; each sentence needs to factually relate to that subject. That makes transitional words and phrases extremely important. Within the conclusion, you need to reiterate the thesis and the primary ideas used to support it. You should never, ever suddenly introduce new material in your conclusion.
Now then, let’s look at a few possible expository essay prompts from " cornell act scores " site:
Example 1: Many people do not pass their driving tests the first time they take it. Some have to go back two or three times before passing the written test. Write a how-to pamphlet designed to help new drivers and test takers pass their driver’s exam.
Example 2: Just about everything we see has been invented by someone. Think about an invention which has had a large impact on people – either helpful or harmful – and explain why it had such an impact.
Example 3: Think about something which is extremely valuable to you, but which was not bought. Why is it so important to you? Explain.
Of course, those are just a few examples of expository essay prompts, there are many, many more. Still, they give you an idea – and if you study them very closely, you will see how these essay prompts can be very helpful when it comes to term paper writing.

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