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About Properties Animal Clinic Member Since: February 27, 2021 Description Veterinary Clinic in Calgary Properties Veterinary Clinic is a comfortable, kid-friendly clinic that accepts both regular and emergency cases. We provide the highest quality of medical care and the most advanced treatments possible for your pets. We have a calming atmosphere, so pets and owners can relax and even enjoy their visit to the clinic. We provide the best veterinary care and all types of surgical and dental issues, vaccinations, and treatment methods. Like a dog and cat neutering and spaying to alter or remove the testicles in males or uterus or ovaries in females. If there is an alarming breath concern, animal dentistry can do dog teeth cleaning in Calgary. Cat and Dog vaccines are the most considered standard veterinary care, and Kitten and dog shots. Visit our website to know more about Propertiesanimalclinic.com.

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