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About Ciphr Member Since: June 10, 2021 Description Ciphr: End-to-End Encryption & Privacy Apps Today, our world is enhanced by technological advancement, which is why Ciphr believes that privacy is essential. We share our data and messages online, and without a reliable end-to-end encryption app to protect our data, we might be in danger. Turning off location services and downloading encrypted applications that keep your information safe and protected are just a few ways to guard yourself. At Ciphr Text protects you against these threats utilizing Post-Quantum Elliptical Curve Cryptography (PQ ECC). Your email info is kept private for you and your contacts, which indicates that only you and the recipients of your messages can see what you write. No one in between, including third forces such as other apps and law enforcement, may read your messages if they are end-to-end encrypted. If you are interested in Ciphr, visit their site https://ciphr.io/.

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