Rebirth of Reason

Connor Brown

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Hi, I'm Connor. I want to tell you a story from my life. When I was studying at the university, the teachers asked a lot of tasks. At times it seemed like some kind of madness. I didn't believe that teachers really believe that students can really learn so much, much less write so many texts. At one of these moments in my life, I spent all the time writing essays. I hardly slept. And about walks and speech could not go. When I was completely desperate, I found salvation here. On this service, students are helped with the writing of their works. I ordered a 250 word essay from them. And after two hours I got the result. I handed it over to the teacher without looking. There was no time to read - I had many other compositions to write. How surprised I was when my essay was recognized as the best among all that students took this year. Then I very much regretted not having ordered essays on other subjects.

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