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September 1, 2009
War for Men's Minds
THE HORROR FILE: "Silicon crystal = Linda Ronstadt," claim today's error-filled schoolbooks
by Kate Gladstone
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The math and science textbooks issued to millions of American schoolchildren contain glaring errors by the thousand.. (One textbook photo, claimimg to show a silicon crystal, actually depicts Linda Ronstadt. A map in another textbook has the equator passing through the USA). Erroneous textbooks -- produced because authors and publishers work in a legislative and social climate that makes accurate textbooks unprofitable -- devastate our civilization's progress. (What kind of science can we expect to maintain or attain, when tomorrow's scientists must first spend precious time and energy learning false information today?) Teachers who care about the minds of their students must refuse to use textbooks that misrepresent observable physical facts -- if the school administration or anyone else demands use of such textbooks, teachers must go on strike for the right to teach accurately and for the safety of their students' minds. (Read more...)
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