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The Evil of Militant Islam
by Duncan Bayne

If ever there was doubt, the events of the past 48 hours have proved to the world how evil militant Islam is.

A few weeks ago, the new leader of the Palestinian authority, Mahmoud Abbas, came to an historic ceasefire agreement with Israel. The Palestinians would cease killing Israelis forthwith, and the Israelis would recriprocate in kind. With the killing over, representatives of the two nations would be able to make concessions to each other at the negotiation table without enraging their people.

In the past, many Islamic nations have provided support for Palestine, ostensibly to further their political aims of sovereignty. Many critics have claimed that their support was actually anti-semitic rather than pro-Palestinian, and that they really had no interest whatsoever in achieving peace in the area. Even the P.L.O. has throughout history had as its goal the liquidation of the state of Israel, rather than simply the liberation of Palestine.

The critics were correct.

On Friday, a suicide bombing attack killed 4 people in Tel Aviv. A video of the suicide bomber shows him claiming that he was targetting both Israelis and Palestinians in the attack:
In a videotape made prior to the attack, Badran declared that the bombing was intended to do harm to the Palestinian Authority. The aim of the bombing was "to attack the self-rule Authority, which acts according to American interests," Badran said on the tape.
So, on the brink of an end to the violence that has cost hundreds of civilians their lives, the Islamic militants show their true colours. They're not interested in peace between Palestine and Israel, they're not interested in Palestinian autonomy, they're not even interested in the lives of their Islamic 'brothers' in Palestine.

What they want is power, their leverage is terror and murder, and their stated enemies are the Palestinian Authority, Israel ... and the United States of America.

Lindsay, I was wrong.

The war against militant Islam, especially in the Middle East, is America's fight. It is in the interests of the U.S.A. to maintain a strong military presence in the Middle East, and to fight a physical as well as intellectual war against militant Islam on all fronts. The Islamic neo-fascists (and I use the term neo-fascist precisely) won't leave any free country alone - even a country like Palestine, who prima facie should be their 'brothers'.

America needs to treat Israel as an ally in this fight, to provide military aid to any country fighting the Islamic barbarians, and to immediately cut support to any Islamic nations that support terrorism or terrorist activies - including Saudi Arabia, as much as it might hurt financially in the short run. To do so isn't providing charity to countries like Iraq, Israel and Palestine - it's acting directly in the interests and defense of America, in fighting a genuine war for Liberty.

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