Rebirth of Reason


Note to Self
by Kay Dover

Note to self: music will purge you of
what cannot be explained and what
can be your death if you withhold it.
Pass your words along to friends and lovers far and
wide, because without them they will have
nothing to remember of your mind.

No thing will give you nothing in return.
Notes will give you letters,
wide will give you vast;
'what' will give you 'when', 'where' and 'why'.
Past will give you future, and
cans will give you soup.

You can live without the things that
nothing can destroy. You can let them
pass you never thinking that
no two holes can fill a void, and dream of
what might be yours if you lived
wide, and not narrow. But you shouldn't.

'Why?' is the question you must ask whenever you
can. 'When?' is what you will always wonder.
'What?' is the question you will answer most.
'Nothing' is the lie you should never tell when asked.
Notes are what you should take in class and when observing the
past. Are you getting all this?

Past the city, there are meadows
wide and forbidding. You will
note that they are there, and you will do what you
can to never visit. But you should visit. You should
know a thing before you dismiss it. You should learn
what you can do with it.

What at first sight you think you understand, do not
pass over without a second glance. There is
no thing that deserves no chance. The world is
wide and your allotted exploration time
cannot be measured. All measures are made up of
notes. All pain is made of pleasure.

Note to self: you are what you do.
You can pass yourself up. You can scream and you can sing.
You can be wide or narrow. Nothing will stop you.

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