Rebirth of Reason


Getting a Job you Want
by Dean Michael Gores

A young woman I ran into a few days ago has it pretty tough. She just got divorced, she has a year old child, and she has never worked or even graduated from high school. She told me:

"I don't currently work because I don't have the proper education. I dropped out of school on my senior year to get married and move away. I plan on earning a GED soon, and taking classes to get my bar tending license."

Below is a letter I wrote to her. Its Objectivism applied to getting a job. I found the below true as I learned about Objectivism and struggled to get a job I wanted.


For most jobs, a high school education is not required to perform the tasks that will make the customers and owners happy. High School Graduation or a GED is just one of many ways to show that you have some level of intelligence, capability, and responsibility. There are ways of accomplishing that other than school.

I'm sure you can find many jobs, or many employers, who will give you a chance to work for them based on these two things:
1. You tell them that you expect to get paid for the value you bring into the company, and not a penny more.
2. You have to convince them that spending the time and resources to train you for a position will be profitable. That after the training you will produce lots of value, and that you expect to get raises as the value you produce for the company increases.

Then after getting the job, you of course have to follow through with your promise and be productive. Otherwise it will be even harder to get another job.

Maybe you need your GED to even be looked at for the type of work you want to do, I don't know. I think it would be worthwhile talking to whoever you want to work for now, and ask them what you need to have in order for them to want you to work for them. Then you will know what you need to do to get the job, and you will be able to have a stronger motivation to do it.

That is the mindset you need to have if you want to work for an honest business and actually make money. And money is great. Money is valuable only because people create things of value and then accept money in a trade for the product. And I love it when people make things that I value.

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