Rebirth of Reason

Matthew Graybosch

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I am a sovereign individual. I do not seek to rule others. I will not allow others to rule me. I have no sympathy for weaklings who seek power over others because their own lives and minds are out of control.

Having said that, I think I can soften my tone a bit. I earn my living as a programmer and database administrator. I play the viola and the bass guitar, but lack the talent to earn a living as a musician. It's still pleasant to play, though. I write Romantic science fiction, and hope to not only earn a living from my writing, but to have my name mentioned alongside that of Alexandre Dumas.

Oh, and I'd like to blow the pedestal out from under J.R.R. Tolkien.

Even though that picture's two years old, I still have long hair. I wear a white gold hoop in my left ear now, and sometimes wear contact lenses when I want to "dress up". I think cats are better pets than dogs are, enjoy listening to Yngwie Malmsteen guitar instrumentals as well as Paganini violin concertos, and I have an incorrigible sweet tooth.

Linz can keep the wine, but may every demon ever worshipped by Man help him if he comes between me and the Belgian dark chocolates!

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March 31, 2004
War for Men's Minds
In the Hands of Strangers
by Matthew Graybosch
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If you think that your life, liberty, and property are safe under the republican systems that are touted as "democracy", think again. Everything you value can be voted away by your friends, your neighbors, and total strangers. They'll do so with what they think are noble intentions, because they don't know that their actions are harming you. (Read more...)
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