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SOLOC 3 : Frequently Asked Questions
by Elizabeth Kanabe

1. When is the best time to sign up?

Now! It will get you a cheaper rate and give us a better idea if we need a bigger room! July 31 is your last day to get the discount rate.

2. Should I bring my kids to the conference?

Nah, leave the little buggers at home, unless they are mature enough to sit through discussions all day.

3. How much extra time will I have outside of the conference?

As much as you want. There will be group trips and much socializing into the wee hours of the morning, but you are free to go off on your own as well of course.

4. Is there a deadline for the hotel discount?

The deadline for our hotel block is Sept. 12. They won't hold the rooms or rate past then, although they will still take reservations based on the availability and rates they have open then. Which means it might cost more and no guarantee anything will be available.

5. I am flying in, how can I get to my hotel?

The hotel does not have a shuttle but there are shuttles available from the airport to hotel for a fee. Lady Liberty Shuttle will take you to the Sheraton Society Hill (or any area hotel) for $8 each way. No reservations are needed, when you get to the airport, go to the baggage claim area, go to the ground transporation area and dial #27 or call 215-724-8888. There are also cabs, or as we've said before Ash will do her best to pick up and deliver as many people as possible, first come first served.

6. I am at a different hotel, will any transportation be provided?

If there is a large group of people staying at another hotel, we can try to coordinate a pick-up and drop-off. But otherwise your are on your own to get to the conference site. Many are within walking distance, and there are cabs available as well around the city.

7. I'd like to talk about a topic, stage a debate, be on a panel discussion, etc., how can I do that?

E-mail your idea, outline or topic to Joe Rowlands at captialistjoe@yahoo.com. If you need help developing your idea, e-mail Joe what you have so far and someone can help you.

8. I would like to do different activities than what is planned, how can I organize that?

You can either go off on your own, or organize a group yourself. Send us the info and we'll get the word out, or post it yourself!

9. What will the weather be like?

It's anyone's call. October is a big transition month for Philadelphia from summer to cold weather. Average temperature for the month is 64 degrees Fahrenheit, but can range from 40's to 70's.

10. What should I bring?

Clothes, money, your ideas, and yourself! Maybe a camera too.

11. How formal is the Saturday night dinner?

Casual, but nice.

12. Can I get that hotel rate for longer?

The rate is available for two days before and two days after the event (so from 10/01 to 10/06 in all).

13. How do I find a roommate?

Get a hold of any of the contact people and we'll help you out.

14. Will there be a chance to display/sell my art/books/items?

If you're interested, e-mail Ash, Elizabeth or Joe to discuss.

15. Would this be appropriate for my friends who do not know about Objectivism?

This is not a great time to introduce your friends to Objectivism. However, a person that has dabbled in Objectivism and is interested in learning more would enjoy themselves.

16. I am coming in early on Friday, is there anything planned?

Not formally. But there is plenty to do in the City and you can meet up with others who might arrive early.

17. What happens if I am unable to make it last minute?

Full refunds will be offered until August 15th.
75% of the price will be refunded if cancelled by August 31st.
After August 31st you forfeit your tuition.

18. If I speak, will I have to pay the conference fee?

If you do one of the 10 minute lectures, you still have to pay the conference fee.

19. Will there be clowns around?

Apparently many SOLOists have an irrational fear of clowns. There will be no clowns.

20. If I'm poor, do you offer any sort of financial assistance?

At this time we can't help with conference fees. We just haven't made the millions yet to have that luxury.

21. I fear contact with the real world...

You might be better off staying at home then.

22. Will tapes be made available afterwards?

Someday, yes.

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