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A Beautiful Woman as Spiritual Fuel
by Paul M. Kay

Our illustrious leader, Linz has stated the importance of art as a source of spiritual and emotional fuel. With this I fully agree and have even sent posts to the SOLO forum describing how the music of Beethoven, especially his 9th symphony, provides spiritual fuel for me.

Today, however, I wish to tell of another source of spiritual fuel and emotional nourishment. Something that sends my sense of life careening over to the positive side: the sight of a beautiful woman.

Now, we may ask ourselves, "What is it that makes a woman beautiful"? Her hair, her face, a shapely figure, the size of her breasts? Well, these things help out a little bit, but what I find to be the one thing that increases a woman's beauty the most is her laughter and smiles.

From my experience, I've seen women become at least ten times more beautiful when being cheerful and laughing than when they are not. To cite an example, I'll use my wife, Sandra, to illustrate both extreme ends of the spectrum.

Since Sandra and I have been together for nearly 25 years, I have seen her many times in all different kinds of moods. When she is cranky and grouchy, she is downright ugly. However, put a smile on her, let her laugh a bit, and wow!, what a babe! My sense of life is speeding to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. She has that effect on me even though she is 54 and has a slightly less shapely figure than when I married her when she was 29.

Some women are plain and average, some are what I call "mildly beautiful", and others are drop-dead gorgeous. Laughing and smiling can often put a woman in the next category. Thus, a plain woman with laughter can become mildly beautiful, and a woman who is mildly beautiful becomes drop dead gorgeous.

"Well", you ask, "What about the ones who are absolute knock outs? What do they become? What does laughter transform them into?"

At my place of employment is a female lab technician who is absolutely one of the most stunning, beautiful women that I have ever seen. Sometimes, when she is in the cafeteria having lunch and conversing with her friends she will let out with an uproarious, side-splitting, belly laugh. As I said before, laughter can make a woman ten times more beautiful than under normal circumstances. And when this stunning creature is laughing, all I can say is (and this is the new category) "Damn, I'm glad I'm alive in order to see this".

The spiritual and emotional fuel that I get from the sight of a beautiful woman propels me and makes me want to drink more abundantly from the fountain of life. I have the desire to do more, to accomplish more. I'm alive, awake, refreshed and renewed. I can take on more challenges. I feel that not even an army of Ellsworth Toohey's and a museum of postmodern "art" can keep me down.

It is truly amazing that so many women have helped me in life without intending to do so and without even knowing it.

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