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Saddam's Succours
by Lindsay Perigo

There are two types of people on earth: those who are affronted by evil & do everything in their power to ensure that its gleeful cackle is drowned by the singing of soaring, unsullied souls; & those who profess to be affronted by evil but in reality thrill to that gleeful cackle, & make excuses for it, & legitimise it, & extend its life & scope.

You can spot the latter by their contradictions & obfuscations.

They invoke imperfection to justify inaction against evil. They say America may not liberate slave pens because America itself is not wholly free & is becoming less free. They blur the distinction between "not wholly free" and "wholly unfree" & effectively advocate surrender of the former to the latter. They evade the fact that in America, one is still free to proselytise against its slide into statism, just as they are free to apologise for despots.

They invoke "shades of grey" to justify acquiescence to the black, "complexity" to justify moral agnosticism in the face of murderers & torturers most foul. They say America may not wage war against Iraq - because it once supported Iraq against Iran. (Of course, they wouldn't allow America to wage war against Iran either.) They evade the fact that whom you supported back when is irrelevant if your survival as a significantly free nation is threatened by a vile dictatorship right now. Mistakes in the past are no reason for paralysis in the present. Historical "complexities" are no reason for suicide.

They say Iraq does not have the weapons to be a direct threat to America, evading the fact that if this be true -- which is unlikely -- it is only true because of restrictions imposed after the war waged by America twelve years ago -- to which war they were also opposed. Had they won the day back then, & continued to win the day thereafter, America might well have been subject to attacks far worse than 9/11 far earlier. As it is, one cannot trust Saddam enough to give him any benefit of the doubt. WMD plus collaboration with terrorists equals a threat against which one may strike pre-emptively, in self-defence.

They say there are worse regimes than Saddam Hussein's -- yet they oppose removing them also.

While valiant young men & women voluntarily lay their lives on the line for the freedom we still enjoy, these entities take advantage of that freedom to say they shouldn't be doing it.

Their names have been Quisling, Chamberlain, treason, cowardice, appeasement & France.

My words about them are few because few words are necessary. Two of Lenin's come to mind also -- "useful idiots."

Yes, there are two types of people on this earth. In the current context one might designate them thus: freedom-lovers ... & Saddam-lovers.

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