Rebirth of Reason


Thirty Great Crapolae Of Our Time
by Lindsay Perigo

1) That wisdom resides in Academia.

2) That modern "intellectuals" are not Lenin's "useful idiots," driven by vanity and besotted by flattery.

3) That an MBA graduate has a brain; that an MBA degree has something to do with entrepreneurialism.

4) That flow charts and spread sheets are a substitute for kicking ass.

5) That pedantic, nit-picking clever-dick smart-asses who ejaculate to arcane masturbations about the meaning of the word "meaning" are authentic philosophers.

6) That wisdom's face cannot be joyous, or angry, or anything other than impassive.

7) That the world owes one - and pedantic, nit-picking clever-dick smart-asses - a living.

8) That disadvantage implies superiority and requires "compensatory" privilege.

9) That Rawls and Chomsky were/are not maggots in human guise.

10) That umbrage is man's proper estate (in this veritable Age of Umbrage); that hurt feelings are his greatest legitimiser, his strongest claim on one's attention/compassion.

11) That one should never say what one means or mean what one says; one's meaning must always be obscure or non-existent.

12) That any old perception is reality, just because it's a perception.

13) That Bush is as bad as Saddam; that Saddam should not have been toppled, but Bush should be.

14) That contemporary music is music; that headbanging caterwauling has musical merit.

15) That contemporary art is art; that braying port-a-loos have artistic merit.

16) That "cool" is hot.

17) That there's no good or bad, but nonetheless the good has something to gain by compromising with the bad.

18) That others are the yardstick by which one should measure oneself.

19) That one exists for the sake of others.

20) That politicians know how we should live our lives, but we don't.

21) That a contemporary politician, qua contemporary politician, can have integrity.

22) That a contemporary businessman, qua contemporary businessman, cannot have integrity.

23) That politicians and businessmen climbing into bed for a taxpayer-funded orgy = free market capitalism.

24) That to give someone a job is to exploit him.

25) That the criminal is really the victim, the victim the criminal.

26) That grammar, punctuation and spelling serve no cognitive purpose and may be jettisoned with impunity.

27) That reason should be subordinate to whim.

28) That reason and emotion must necessarily be at war.

29) That western civilisation is no better than any other; that there is no "better."

30) That loyalty to one's values, including one's friends (and western civilisation) who embody them, is inconsequential at best, derisory at worst.

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