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Some Great Men
by Jeffrey Perren

Great Men

Compiled by Jeff Perren

Many are familiar with some of the great names of history: Isaac Newton, James Clerk Maxwell, Thomas Edison, Ayn Rand.

Listed below are several that many of you have probably never heard of, though you certainly know of their creations.

Paul Mueller           Inventor of DDT

Carl Djerassi          Inventor of birth control pill
An Wang               Inventor of core (computer) memory

Philo Farnsworth    Inventor of electronic TV (at age 20!)

Clarence Birdseye  Creator of frozen foods

Andrew Moyer      Industrial production of penicillin

James Harrison      1st practical refrigerator (commissioned in order to cool beer!)

(Special note: One could reasonably argue about whether these were the first, whether independent efforts by non-English speaking persons did it better, first, etc.  No effort has been made to be rigorous here!

And, very little effort has been put forth to determine the fundamentality or importance of these versus other candidates one might list.  Nor are they ranked in any way.  That's a full time job for an entire organization like The Inventors Hall of Fame.)
Whom would you add to the list?
(Remember, life is NOT all about politics!)
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