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Jennifer the Superhero
by William E. Perry

Jennifer Iannolo is a superhero.  On a Wednesday, my boss gave me the task of setting up a dinner in the Times Square area of Manhattan--for that Saturday night.  Now restaurant availability for a party of 16 at an up-scale restaurant on short notice in mid-town Manhattan is a bit difficult.  No.  It is damned near impossible.  This was to be a dinner for top donors, speakers, and staff of The Objectivist Center.  No one important was on the list.  Just Nathaniel Branden, David Kelley, Susan McCloskey, Walter Donway, Ed Hudgins, and some of our top supporters, speakers from our Fall Conference, and staff.  And oh--by the way.  Keep it under $100 per person.

I am not a gourmet.  The top level of my dining aspirations is steak houses.  Not the expensive ones either.  I'm from Arizona--not New York.  I was probably one of the least qualified people imaginable to organize this dinner.

No problem.  I just picked up the phone and called Jennifer.  I told her the problem and she put her cape on--not that cape.  Not the one that goes with a cigarette holder (maybe she has that one too), but her superhero cape.  She sprang into action.

By Thursday (the next day)  we had two tables at 7:45 p.m. at a magnificent restaurant with gourmet food within our budget, and within walking distance of Times Square.  We all showed up for the dinner.  The staff knew Jennifer.  She helped co-ordinate the ordering of the wine, helped the guests with dinner selections.  (The menu was in an unusual format, in French, and the many of the items were unknown to some of us.) 

Jennifer also served as my dinner companion and hostess for the event.  She did that with elegance and charm.  All of the guests loved the evening, the food, the setting, and the conversation.

If I'd had to do this by myself we'd have been at Black Angus--and it would probably have cost about the same.

So I'm suggesting that Jennifer get new business cards printed with two simple lines.  

Jennifer Iannolo, Superhero
Cape Available

Thank you!

Bill Perry

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