Rebirth of Reason


We Happy Few
by Sam Pierson

While in a minority here, there are a few armour plated heterosexual males seeking a relationship strategy. And so they should. How sorely it is needed.

Failure with women is serious business, overlooked by most philosophers, and left to the wisdom of pop stars & porn mags. Sad. Culturally disastrous.

A warning. The subject I approach here has been approached by some of the best minds in history, and still the jury be out on this topic. So what you get here is but a simple introduction to a vast & mysterious topic. An earnest student will take the time to research more of this in depth.

Poets, writers all, have been drawn to find in words a blueprint for escape from the female labyrinth.

One can see that Plato's 'Republic', the blueprint for all variants of state socialism, is in fact at core the product of his vexation with women.

Napoleon's early failure with Josephine led that frustrated Corsican to take out Europe. Until finally, at Waterloo, he released his cavalry too early in proceedings, because he was distracted by a sudden ephiphany that he must subdue Josephine, rather than make peace with her. Unfortunately, like much of Europe of the time, and through to today, he had been influenced, nay blinded, nay poisoned, by the nature-worshipping writings of Jean Jaques Rosseau, that nature was nice. Hence females were nice too.

In Wellington's famous words "It was a lucky win."

It is rumoured the young Stalin, got high on Victor Hugo's character "Cimordain" - a model rationalist - after being jilted by the daughter of a Russian diplomat.

And one knows that Mao Tse Tung could not control his wife - he had to take a long walk.

The battle for the bedroom has too often spilled out into the battle for empire. And played out in grand, delusionary style; with too much blood in the collateral.

In truth, all war is simply collateral damage.

This failure has driven the once proud Western man to the seeming safety of a stern, retentive socialism. For as we know, women are socialists by nature. But it's easier for a man to live with the abstract, than lie down with the particular.

So in the interests of world peace, unhindered production & free trade, we must confine the battle to where it really matters. The library, the restaurant & the bedroom.

So then, first principles:

  1. You are engaging in war. That vision of loveliness is in fact, an enemy.
  2. This is not a game. The future of the West is at stake.

Choosing your target

Face facts. You have but a small degree of control over this aspect of the war. Some targets will appeal more than others, and you'll have no idea why.

Rules of engagement

Remember, 'No' is the first sign of victory; 'Yes', a sign to proceed with maximum caution. 'Perhaps', abject failure.

Feign Weakness

Overconfidence is the mother of all collectivism. Remember, you are not fighting another man. You are fighting an enemy, whom you know little about.

You may think your money, your brains, your social position, a polished, power-packed arsenal, the equal of any. Sad man. Total annihialation is just a matter of time.

Offense is the only defense

'Dearest' & 'sweetie' are out. Think 'wench' & 'witch'. It may seem extreme, but you've got to check your premises. What you see before you, in the range of the moment, is not as it seems.

Being on top is really just a figure of speech; achieved only by speech.

A note about speech; use words sparingly. Each sentence is a cluster bomb. Release it slowly & precisely, and give it time to boom. Keep your 'bone cutter' in reserve. Its time will come.

Know your enemy

Presumption is the mother of all cockups. Unfortunately, when you cock up, you're in the worst of danger. In fact, you're screwed. Nothing I can do.

No Quarter

When the citidel is yours to take, no quarter must be given. Too many have fallen at the foot of the citidel, betrayed by apparent cries for mercy. Be sure, these are just a smoke screen. No sooner have those oh-so-close softened their approach, and the enemy has unleashed a torrential counterattack, and buried them six feet under.

Look, it's war. It's not nice. It has to be done properly. Complete what you start. No half measures.

You're not dealing with an equal.

The modern female has been taught to think herself an equal. Not true. This is a blatant lie put out to disarm a man. She has vast resources at her disposal, and should only be approached as one would approach a dragon.

You see, the dragon slaying knight is but another myth invented by men who abjectly failed. The dragon was really woman, and the maiden in distress, really a projection of the knight's sense of his own frailty.

You have been brainwashed. Get that into your head quick. You are not dealing with an equal.


Be very afraid. As I've said, failure in this war might lead you only to taking out Cuba. Something you can do. A trivial distraction from the real issue.

Love is war; beauty is strife.

Real men can have but one agenda; total subjection. Anything less and you will, my friend, be toast.

The enemy, have many agendas, running simultaneously, in a whirling swirling net. Hesitate, and you will be swallowed into a labyrinth from which there is no escape.

This is a war without end. You will always have to maintain an occupation force, on constant alert. Resistance movements will arise from time to time. They must be crushed, swiftly & mercilessly; the earlier the better.

You will lose battles, and find yourself on the edge of annihialation. This will call for fortitude, and resilience. And most of all a revision of these, the basic principles.

Whole cultures have fallen due to failure in these small things. In our own time, the SNAG phenomena shows that many are lost to the abyss. But you need not follow them. Reclaim what is rightfully yours, and the reward shall be yours.

It was not failure with men that led Ayn Rand to write her ideal man. It was the failure of men, to approach her bearing the right strategy. She had kicked some male arse, and found it wanting. She came to us, from the other side, to set us free. And sort some of you out.

You can of course, withdraw from this battle to the relative safety of homosexuality.

But then what will your life be worth if you never had reason to cry out "We few. We happy few" ?

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