Rebirth of Reason


by Adam Reed

Yesterday I googled the Objectivist Center and the Ayn Rand Institute and their bookstores, the Objectivist Bookstore and the Ayn Rand Bookstore, for my favorite feel-good film, "Chocolat." The results were:


ARB: "Chocolat" and the Peikoff's "Chocolat" Review. Get the movie on DVD plus a special review by Leonard Peikoff. List Price: $41.99 Our Price: $29.99.

TOS: No products match your search.

This result prompted me to google on several additional terms:


ARI: "If petty ayatollahs like John Ashcroft can strike down state laws simply because they offend God Almighty, then we are on our way to the establishment of a theocracy - government by clergymen. To see where that road ends, just look at the Arab nations whose religious dictators declare that Allah wants America destroyed. If we inject religion into our own politics, we will be assisting in our own national suicide."

TOC: Your search did not match any documents.

"Roe v. Wade"

ARI: "Indeed, it is only a matter of time before a woman's right to choose an abortion sinks under this pragmatist/collectivist tide, as the Court permits the gradual demise of Roe v. Wade - the last surviving example of proper judicial review. Only a philosophical renaissance restoring individual rights to their place of honor in our Constitutional republic will enable the Supreme Court to reclaim its vital role as defender of the individual against the collective."

TOC: Your search did not match any documents.

"non-violent drug users"

ARI: "... It is wrong to imprison non-violent drug users like Downey: they have violated no one's rights. Only people who commit real crimes - burglary, manslaughter, rape, etc. - deserve criminal punishment of any kind, let alone multi-year incarceration. ... With respect to Downey, the only moral outcome would be for him to be released and for all charges against him to be dropped. The sense of efficacy and happiness that Downey must get from his superlative acting work will not guarantee that he will resolve his problems; that is up to him. But to deprive him of this powerful ally when he faces such a difficult struggle would be criminal."

TOC: Your search did not match any documents.

"right to pursue sexual pleasure"

ARI: "The tobacco industry would never have agreed to the unprecedented controls over its right to free trade - the massive fines, the debilitating regulations, the authoritarian censorship - were it not for the Court's abject surrender of its Constitutional mission. Other rights have fared no better. Recall what happened in 1986, in Bowers v. Hardwick, when the Court ruled that a homosexual has no right to pursue sexual pleasure in the privacy of his home, if the majority vote of a legislature has prohibited it. And earlier this year, in Washington v. Glucksberg, the Court declared that a terminally ill individual has no right to assisted suicide if a majority of society refuses to allow it."

TOC: Your search did not match any documents.

Earth to TOC: I hear your silence. It is loud and clear.
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