Rebirth of Reason

War for Men's Minds

Ayn Rand in Argentina
by Manfred F. Schieder

(Report from the Battlefront… and true to life as below postscript shows)

Recently, from April 16 until May 7, 2007 , the 33rd. International Book Fair was celebrated in Buenos Aires , Argentina.

The publishing house “Grito Sagrado” (which means “Sacred Cry”, a term taken from the Argentine anthem) presented on its stand (see http://www.gritosagrado.com.ar/) a series of books on liberty of Argentine and foreign authors (translated into Spanish) and, most important, the Ayn Rand Books Collection so far published by them in Spanish language: "La Rebelión de Atlas" (Atlas Shrugged), "El Manantial" (The Fountainhead), "La Virtud del Egoismo" (The Virtue of Selfishness) - this is the second Argentine publishing house that issued "La Virtud del Egoismo" during the last 22 years - "Himno" (Anthem) and, specifically as the première in this fair “Los que Vivimos” (We the Living).

"Grito Sagrado", as announced on its abovementioned webpage, will publish all the remaining books by Ayn Rand and I, author of this article, am preparing for “Grito Sagrado” the translation of “Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology” which, to my knowledge, will be the first time that this book, that I consider to be the most “brainy” of all of Rand’s works, though all of them deserve this term, will be published in a foreign language. “Introduction” should be “obliged” reading in all schools and colleges, etc., though, unfortunately, it isn’t. Personally I consider that it should receive the subtitle of “The Foundations of Knowledge” because the Objectivist Epistemology reveals the origin of mankind’s knowledge.

I am right now opening a bottle of good Argentine wine to toast for what is taking place in such a far away country like Argentina and the big success “Grito Sagrado” is having with the distribution of Ayn Rand’s works in all Spanish speaking countries.

We should all receive more good news like these from every country in the world!

1- The "Grito Sagrado" stand at the fair. Notice the panel showing Ayn Rand's books.

2 - Another view of the "Grito Sagrado" booth at the fair.

3 - Dr. Rosa Pelz Galperin, of "Grito Sagrado" reading
a text in celebration of the 50th anniversary of
"Atlas Shrugged"

4 - Dr. Rosa Pelz Galperin and Dr. of Law Ricardo Rojas,
an Argentine judge, defender of Ayn Rand's ideas,
author of a novel based on Objectivism and teacher
of Objectivism at various Argentine universities,
during the presentation

5 - Masters in Economics Constanza Mazzina
commenting the content of "Anthem" at the fair

6 - Dr. of Law J. I. García Hamilton presenting
"We the Living". He was forbidden to enter
Cuba a short time ago, presumably due to
his extraordinary book “Authoritarianism and

7 - THE front panel showing all the
up to now Ayn Rand works published in Spanish

8- Some of Ayn Rand's books on the shelves

9 - THE panel with "Atlas Shrugged" on the forefront…

10 - ...and, of course,
"We the Living"

PS.: During the fair, the “Grito Sagrado” stand was the only one subject to an act of vandalism. Books were stolen, others thrown on the floor and several shelves and displays had to be rebuilt so as to be able to be present until the end of the exhibition. This act of beastly behavior shows that the enemies of Objectivism are well aware of the ideas that Objectivism promotes and try to stop them in any possible way.
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