Rebirth of Reason

Intellectual Ammunition

Libertarianism without Individual (Natural) Rights: An outcome of anarcho-capitalism
by Ed Thompson

Kyle woke up early to get ready for the raid. He worked for the 3rd Marxist Private Defense Provider (MPDP3) -- the largest and most powerful -- and they were planning an early morning raid on Ashley's house because she failed to respond to letters regarding her plans for an abortion.

Brent, who impregnated Ashley, was a subscriber to MPDP3 and -- because communists are interested in increasing their numbers -- he had started to trick young gals into getting pregnant by him. Ashley was his 9th "love" that year. Brent filed an order of protection, like the other 8 times that year, on the part of the fetus against its mother, Ashley -- but Ashley failed to respond to repeated attempts of contact, hence the "legal" raid.

Ashley was a subscriber to her own PDP but it was a smaller, less powerful PDP as compared to Brent's. Ashley was sleeping when she heard a loud bang downstairs. The next thing she heard was a bunch of yelling and loud footsteps approaching her.

After being detained, Ashley was allowed to make a call to her PDP. After the call, Ashley's PDP sent a fax to MPDP3 demanding that Ashley be let out on bail. The managing agent of MPDP3 on this particular case, Dimitri, thought about what to do about that.

Dimitri reasoned that he could just ignore the demand of Ashley's PDP because they were so much smaller and less powerful. After all, Dimitri thought, the only thing that grants any kind of authority to law is whether some people have paid for it or not -- and so many more people had paid MPDP3, even billionaires like George Boros, that it must be considered the unilateral acting authority in Ashley's case.

Dimitri ignored the demands of Ashley's PDP and sent Ashley to join hundreds of others just like her, held for 2-9 months without bail or trial, in a 'birthing-mother camp' referred to as "BitMo" stationed at an undisclosed location in Cuba.

When Ashley arrived and was placed in a holding cell with other non-consenting expectant mothers, she asked them: "Why is this all happening to us like it is?" Having had up to 9 months to discuss the issue with hundreds of other women, the others resoundingly answered:

"It's because of zealous libertarians who chose not to accept the entire, completely-integrated philosophical system of Ayn Rand."
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