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30 Years after Fall of Saigon, 7.5 Million Murdered
by Michael F Dickey

April 30th, 2005 marks the 30th anniversary of the fall of Saigon.  Three decades in which the Vietnamese communist government and proxies killed 7.5 million people.  But 30 years ago the people of America turned their backs on a just cause, confused and disheartened by sensationalized violence, biased reporting, and good intentions gone awry. They cried for peace and for an end to the killing.  They thought that when we left, peace would come, and the killing would stop.  But 2.5 million would die from land reforms, murder quotas ordered by the communist leaders, and brutal political oppression.  Over a million people would flee the communist oppression and take to the sea, hoping for a better life somewhere else. Hundreds of thousands died at sea.  The future the realists had so ominously predicted came to be, and the domino theory proved true enough.

After the Communist Party finished imparting their brutal oppression on the people of Vietnam, and with the west willfully silent, they moved onto Cambodia and Laos, killing 1.5 million people.  They then focused their weapons and chains solely on Cambodia, bringing to power the perpetrators of the worst democide the world has ever seen, where 2-3 million Cambodians were murdered.  A democide the world had cried "never again" at yet completely ignored, ignored again in Rwanda, and is ignoring again today in the Sudan.  

The North Vietnamese communist governments and its proxies have killed 7.5 million people since 1975. The western world is the freest, the richest and the most militarily powerful, yet most of it stands idly by, justifying its own inaction by appealing to moral relativism ... a questionable philosophy steeped high in body counts. All the while murderous regimes like that of Saddam Hussein, Kim John Il, and the communist party of Vietnam rack up bodies by the millions and plant the seeds of murderous terrorism across the globe.  

On April 30th, thousands will be marching in Washington to honor the millions of killed and subjugated people of Indochina, to thank the forgotten heroes, and to remind us of what could have been.  April 30th marks an opportunity for the American people to deal another blow against the tyranny of the world and start to make amends for one of the greatest transgressions of the United States, the complete abandonment of the people of Indochina to murderous and brutally oppressive communism. Even today, the 80 million people of Vietnam live under one of the worst regimes on the planet, a regime which actively suppresses democracy and political dissent with swift and brutal violence.

57,000 Americans lost their lives defending the people of South Vietnam but history has proven their cause just, albeit imperfect.  South Vietnam stood alone for two years; with minor material support it could have defended itself indefinitely, just as South Korea has for nearly 50 years.  Activists and protestors have been as silent as the 7.5 million murdered by the Vietnamese Communist government and its proxies.  If there is a lesson to be learned from the Vietnam War that is applicable today, it is to not abandon a people in their darkest hour.

Visit www.april30.org for more information. 

The figures I cite for death tolls are moderate estimates and based on the investigations done by Rudolph J Rummel, a retired political science professor from the University of Hawaii who has authored 24 books and was a runner up for a Nobel Peace prize. Mr. Rummel's book "Power Kills" is one of the most cited books in history. See - http://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/ 

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