Rebirth of Reason

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Sunday, April 17, 2005 - 6:49amSanction this postReply
Meetup will soon impose upon all active Meetups an unreasonable $19 per month per group fee. To avoid these charges, please terminate your Ayn Rand Meetup membership and join the Sense Of Life Objectivists (SOLO) server at


We can provide a free home to Ayn Rand Meetup members.
If you have not done so already, please create a free User ID on the SOLO Web site at

If you cannot recall whether you already have a User ID on SOLO, check the Members page at

to see if you are listed there.
To make local meetup communications effective, you need to do the following if you have not done so already:

  1. Visit http://www.solohq.com to reach SOLO.
  2. Log into the system using the Login blanks at the bottom of the page. If your browser has cookies enabled, you may still be logged into SOLO.
  3. Look at the top of the main SOLO page. It should say, "Welcome back to SoloHQ, [your name]."
  4. Click the link to your name to reach your personal profile.
  5. At the top of your profile page, click the link that says, "Go to your Preferences page."
  6. Under "Email receiving options," check "Solo[YourState]."
  7. Under "Group Membership Options," check "Solo[YourState]."
  8. You may also wish to check other boxes and add a personal description in the space provided.
  9. E-mail a JPG photograph to Webmaster Joe Rowlands at capitalistjoe@yahoo.com if you want a photograph of yourself added to your profile.
  10. If you could not find a "Solo[YourState]" it means one has not yet emerged. Contact Webmaster Joe Rowlands at capitalistjoe@yahoo.com to create one and to serve as its Coordinator.

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Wednesday, September 28 - 4:32amSanction this postReply

My prior post is woefully outdated.


The reality today is that Meetup is basically the "go to" place for people with common interests, and they have reduced their charges enough to make them a viable venue for people with common interests to join together for mutual benefit.

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