Rebirth of Reason

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Good article, Joe.


I'm reminded of the trend that has led to modern day analytic philosophers who say there is no philosophical "system" or even a body of knowledge that IS philosophy, but rather that one "does philosophy" - that it is the application of various processes to statements (to disprove them and remind us that all is doubt and uncertainty).  


By becoming the predominate viewpoint in academia, and then proclaiming that there are only historical views (now proven wrong they say), or continental philosophy (not taken seriously by them) and pop psychology (to be sneered at as we've seen) we are left with the one 'true' set of views which are those of the modern analytic philosophy doers.  They speak to the world from the academy, where their views have become something of a pseudo-intellectual monopoly.  And with authority, they say that there is no certainty.  As the years go by, living inside their intellectual cocoon they continue to evolve, increase and refine the ways in which "doing philosophy" can make uncertainty the only certainty.


I'd love to see someone with a knowledge of the history of philosophy take this essential theme that you've elucidated - doubt & faith, reason & certainty - and mark their appearances through the history of philosophers with the names, dates and eras.

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