Rebirth of Reason

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015 - 10:26pmSanction this postReply

I've mostly forgot about this article I wrote, mostly because It started zero discussion and it didn't get anywhere as a 'war' article. I thought about just ignoring it or taking it down if I could, as it is just an example of beginner writing (spelling mistakes, poor insertion of data, et cetera). There is one thing I wanted to clear up however. I made a big mistake in my first paragraph when I said:


The principles of free enterprise can been successfully argued by the rationalist method, using a priori knowledge of reason and logic to invalidate the fundamental tenets of economically collectivist ideologies. Arguments from pure reason can be persuasive, but only to individuals who are otherwise receptive to your ideas. If your arguments rely too heavily on pure reason, you may simply face a wall of emotionalism and counter-arguments that are detached from reality. While those who are themselves completely detached from reality deserve no attention, many rational individuals may not have confidence simply in your reasoning. For an argument to be persuasive to any rational mind, it must make reference to reality in some way or another. The correlation between economic freedom and a countries economic prosperity is one of the many empirical examples of free enterprise theory in reality.

My first mistake was in saying "The principles of free enterprise can been successfully argued by the rationalist method". No they cannot. Rationalism involves reason in and of itself as the true source of knowledge, and therefore gives into the primacy of consciousness. The principles of free enterpirse can be argued by reason, but not by 'the rationalist method' (which would involve ignoring empirical concretes which contradict our own 'sense of reason'). My whole first paragraph could have been allot better; instead of focusing on 'rationalism', I could have just said why empirical facts are necessary for knowledge.


I re-read the rest of what I wrote and its not as bad as I originally thought. I know this forum is not aimed at helping beginning writers, but an honest thought on what I wrote would be great.

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