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Rebirth of Reason

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This Wisconsin Public Radio episode of the "To the Best of our Knowledge" series is entitled "Unbridled Capitalism" but, in the fourth of the episode dedicated to Ayn Rand, suprisingly little is said about capitalism. My guess is that 80% of the interview is devoted to bashing Ayn Rand as a person, complete with dimestore psycho-analysis not only of Rand, but also her admirers -- and that perhaps 20% of it (if even that much) actually has something to do with Rand's philosophical defense of the idea of capitalism.

A telling snippet (at 49:45 into the video):
Anne Strainchamps:
Any biographer spends years of their own life absorbed in the life of the person they're writing about, and it's a complex relationship. And Ayn Rand, herself, was an incredibly complex woman. In the end, did you like her?

Anne Heller:
Did I like her? No, no I didn't like her. I didn't really admire her. I wouldn't want to have known her. I think her ... her philosophy, as a whole, is repugnant. But there are things about her that I do admire. Not her personal self, that's for sure.

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